20 T/D~200 T/D Seawater Desalination Plant

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Product Description

Land based low scale seawater desalination plants

We design high-performance seawater desalination plant for 20 T/D ~200 T/D ,It’s our main line of business manufacturing for end-use or foreign agents This scale tons don’t need too much electricity power, To save cost for customers, KYsearo’s engineer design the process chart don’t installation energy recovery devices. Take it would be more convenient change and low cost into consideration. we use spiral wound RO membrane, Generally DOW RO membrane.

Recent Case


Regarding this varied range of production water capacity, it could be integrated style (all parts in a frame),split type,and or containerized, all of these are recording to customer’s really specific requirement.

  • Integrated style:

Suitable for low flow plant, all parts are in a frame, compact, easy transportation, save space for user.

  • Split type:

Fit for middle flow plants, flexible installation according to placed space.

  • Containerized:

Design for long-distance transportation, especially overseas customer, don’t need more placed room and additional installation.

20 TPD seawater desalination plant case
desalination plant in ship
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