Five reasons why you should use our equipment.

1 Performance

KYsearo revolutionary marine&land-based series are engineered to be easier to use and more reliable than conventional watermakers. Featuring the latest technology, the series are able to regulate and monitor system functions automatically,with one touch, the systems will start and finish water production.

2 Vertical,horizontal or modular configurations

The vertical and horizontal compact aluminum frames through special processing are lightweight and corrosion resistant; the modular design allows individual component mounting,meets any size of space, perfect for retrofits or new builds.

3 Choose the level of control

Choose from basic,semi-automatic or fully automatic control option features a performance and error-detection function that displays multiple different user warning messages,helping to prevent major maintenance issues .

4 Intelligent controlling function

Standard watermakers require pressure adjustments for water conditions and to produce fresh water-a process that can be very time consuming. KYsearo solves this problem by incorporating an automatic pressure regulating system into the marine&land-based systems,allowing the watermaker to balance pressure levels automatically.This feature maximizes operator comfort and convenience.

5 Longer lifespan,minimal maintenance

The automatic fresh-water flush and LCD monitoring system optimizes pre-filter and membrane performance.This system will flush every week, whether the watermaker is producing water or on standby.

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