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Get A Seawater Desalination Plant Solution For Cape Town, South Africa

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How To Alleviate The Drought Problem

Since 2015, the lowest annual rainfall record in South Africa, because of the EI Nino phenomenon, the region formed the arid zone, causing tens of thousands of people at risk of food shortages. Make us worry about the water of the South African people. In order to alleviate the drought, water recovery and seawater desalination can be used to alleviate the serious water crisis.

Especially for Cape Town, the water consumption per household is limited to 10.5 tons per month, and less than 87 liters per person per day. It is not good for agricultural, business development. Seawater desalination is the best option for long-term water supply. Based on this situation, our company tried to reduce the cost of the desalination plant and custom design some solutions for emergency water supply.

How We Provide The Water Treatment Solution

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Small Full Automatic Control SKID Type Desalination Plant

(Combo solution to supply both freshwater and direct drinking water.)

  • The system operation is simple, plug and play, as long as there is electricity, sea water, it can be started immediately.
  • Easy to install and with low maintenance cost.
  • Electricity requirement is AC220V/50Hz single phase. No need special installation.
  • It is perfect for household, resort, hotel, marine use and agricultural and commercial purpose. We can design 2.4 m³?5m³?10m³… according to the population and daily water consumption.

Portable Containerized Desalination Plant

(It can be move to any areas with water)

  • Small occupation area, greatly help to save cost for building operation room.
  • Built-in air conditioning, it can be operated with the temperature 4-45?.
  • Easy to operate and maintain, with electricity and seawater,  the produce fresh water immediately.
  • It can be used for the island, community etc.  A full set of the container produce 50m³-250 m³ fresh water, can be used by 330-1760 people.

Let’s Custom Design Seawater Desalination Plant For You – KYSEARO

You can also call us (+86) 20 3112 9583 to receive your quote.

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Our Engineer Team Would Like To Provide Any Technical Support 

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Environmental Engineer with more than 10 years’ experience in water, seawater and sewage treatment & management. Keen to evolve in an interesting working environment and expand my

Desalination Specialist Concept to Commissioning, with rich project management, proposals and planning background from Refineries, Petrochemical and Power plant industries. Excellent Team builder and motivator.

Process engineer with 8+ years of experience of design, engineering & workflow management, mainly in Water treatment.  Mechanical designs in various water technologies like Seawater RO, Ion Exchange & Multi Effect Distillation.

Hu Zhi Cheng

Chen Lin 

Zhang Zu Qing

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This is support team of KYSEARO, welcome to visit our website, we are professional manufacturer of seawater desalination system and reverse osmosis plants manufacturer in China. Including marine series desalination for boats from 1 T/D to 200 T/D, land based desalination system for islands from 20 T/D to 20000 T/D, containerized desalination plants from 50 T/D to 300 T/D and etc. click blue text, you would find more details. Out of these series, customized design available. click here to read customized solution.

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