See How A Desalination Plant Be Installed

process of desalination plant

[dropcap style=”style3″ color=””]P[/dropcap]repare Stage: design the skip (carbon steel spray) on the basis of process and customer’s actual requirements. And purchase various kind of materials and components including filters, pumps, pipelines, and RO membranes, etc.
install seawater desalination plant

[dropcap style=”style3″ color=”primary”]I[/dropcap]nstallation& production Stage: after raw materials are prepared well, devices can be processed,  pipelines can be connected and electric control can be programmed.
40 TPD desalination plant

[dropcap style=”style3″ color=””]S[/dropcap]hipment Stage: before packaging and shipping, all seawater desalination plants are required to be installed and commissioned by KYsearo’s engineers.

See How Seawater Desalination Plant Improve Your Life

KYSEARO, a Manufacturing & Trading Combo, produce and export seawater reverse osmosis systems.

  • Keep your life high quality even not at home. you can also ENJOY SHOWER, COFFEE and more during working time.
  • For boats, with using seawater reverse osmosis system, you can save a large space that to storage of fresh water. Then the space can be used to other functions.
  • For island, if there are seawater reverse osmosis plants, beautiful island can improve the development of tourism,
  • Improving the work efficiency and benefit your team.
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