Industrial / Commercial RO Water plant solution Manufacturer

  • 10+ years of water treatment experience.
  • With 30+ peoples engineers team.
  • Provide total solution for different water quality.
  • Strong technical after sales support.
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How We Design The RO System?

KYSEARO, a Manufacturing with the professional engineering team, offering integration service, easy and convenient.

  • We provide an excellent performance of the plant with low cost and energy saving, our professional engineers use better technology and components and follow the set industry standards during fabrication.
  • The RO plant cleans and denaturalizes chemicals, salt, colloid, viruses, bacteria and other fungal effects present in the water.
  • The output water quality is stable and the water production meets WHO standards.
  • Long service life. Rigorous process design, fine and meticulous equipment selection, to ensure a longer service life and lower maintenance cost.

Standard Reverse Osmosis System

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Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

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Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant

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Our Engineer Team Would Like To Provide Any Technical Support

Hu Zhi Cheng

Environmental Engineer with more than 10 years’ experience in water, seawater and sewage treatment & management. Keen to evolve in an interesting working environment and expand my knowledge.

Chen Lin 

Desalination Specialist Concept to Commissioning, with rich project management, proposals and planning background from Refineries, Petrochemical and Power plant industries. Excellent Team builder and motivator.

Zhang Zu Qing

Process engineer with 8+ years of experience of design, engineering & workflow management, mainly in Water treatment.  Mechanical designs in various water technologies like Seawater RO, Ion Exchange & Multi Effect Distillation.

This is support team of KYSEARO, welcome to visit our website, we are professional manufacturer of  reverse osmosis plants manufacturer in China. Including standard ro water plant from 1 T/D to 200 T/D, commercial ro system from 20 T/D to 500 T/D, industrial reverse osmosis  from 50 0T/D to 5000 T/D and etc. click blue text, you would find more details. Out of these series, customized design available. click here to read customized solution.

If any interests, please freely fill the contact form at left side, to tell us your requirement. the more details, the better for custom design. and you will receive reply within 24 hours.

Thanks&best regards.

KYSEARO support team.

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