Solar powered desalination system

solar powered desalination plant
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Model:  Split type

containerized solar desalination plant
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Model:  Containerized type


Power supply is one of essential conditions of reverse osmosis desalination system, but in fact, many areas are shortage of fresh water and also stable commercial power supply, such as on islands and many developing areas,. To combat this, KYSEARO has designed the solution to use solar power, which can offer sustainable and free power safely. So,  it very likely that the solar powered desalination system will be one of the most efficient and affordable options in the near future.

Solar energy seawater desalination is the process that separates water from salt in sea water to get fresh and concentrated water in the end, mainly by using solar energy light hot or photovoltaic (pv), which has very important significance to solve the current world energy crisis and shortage of freshwater resources. In case of no electricity, how to solve water resource and how to make use of solar energy seawater desalination, are the subjects of common concern around the world.

solar powered desalination system

Solar powered desalination system for islands

solar powered desalination plant

Solar powered desalination system for deserts

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