What is Ultrapure water equipment?

Electrodeionization (EDI), is a pure water manufacturing technology that combines ion exchange technology, ion exchange membrane technology and ion electromigration technology. It is a high-tech green environmental protection technology.

EDI water purification equipment has the advantages of continuous water output, no need for acid and alkali regeneration and unattended care. It has gradually replaced the mixed bed as a precision treatment equipment in the system for preparing pure water. This advanced technology has good environmental protection characteristics, easy operation and use, is more and more recognized by people, and is more and more widely promoted in the pharmaceutical, electronics, power, chemical and other industries.

⒈Working principle: Electrodeionization (EDI) system is mainly under the action of DC electric field, the dielectric ions in the water through the partition plate directional movement, the use of ion exchange membrane to select the role of ions to purify the water quality of a science Water treatment technology. Between a pair of electrodes of an electrodialyzer, usually a negative film, a positive film and a separator (A, B) are alternately arranged to form a thick chamber and a light chamber (that is, cations can permeate the positive membrane, anions can permeate the negative Membrane). The cations in the water in the fresh room migrate to the negative electrode through the positive membrane, and are trapped by the negative membrane in the concentrated chamber; the negative ions in the water migrate to the positive electrode and are trapped by the positive membrane in the concentrated chamber, so that the number of ions in the water passing through the shallow chamber It gradually decreases to become fresh water, and the water in the concentrated chamber becomes concentrated water due to the continuous influx of anions and cations in the concentrated chamber, and the concentration of dielectric ions continues to become concentrated water, thereby achieving the purpose of desalination, purification, concentration or refining.

⒉ The advantageS of EDI Ultrapure Water System:

2.1. No need for acid and alkali regeneration: In the mixed bed, the resin needs to be regenerated with chemical acid and alkali, and EDI eliminates the treatment and heavy work of these harmful substances.

2.2. Continuous and simple operation: due to each regeneration and water quality change in the mixed bed, the operation process is complicated, and the water production process of EDI is stable and continuous, and the water quality is constant, no complicated operation procedure greatly simplifies the operation.

2.3. Reduced installation requirements: The EDI system has a smaller volume than a mixed bed with a considerable amount of water. It uses a building block structure and can be flexibly constructed according to the height of the site. The modular design makes EDI easy to maintain during production work.

3. Ultrapure water Application areas:

⒈ Chemical water treatment in power plant
⒉ Ultrapure water in electronics, semiconductor, precision machinery industry
⒊ Preparation of food, beverage and drinking water
⒋ Small pure water station, group drinking pure water
⒌ Water for fine chemical industry and sophisticated subjects
⒍ Preparation of high purity water required by other industries
⒎ Process water for pharmaceutical industry
⒏ Seawater desalination and brackish water treatment

Cast studies:

2TPH RO & EDI Ultrapure Water System

250LPH Ultrapure Water System

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