Customized Solution 

Direction:Large tonnage systems and small tonnage systems of special specifications and sizes are able to be customized,to the greatest extent to meet the actual needs of customers.Customized systems are given as much attention as our standard systems,all will be built with quality components and materials,incorporating advanced electronics and modern interfaces that allow ease of operation and maintenance.The manufacturing process also includes extensive testing to the system will run flawlessly and adhere to safety standards once in full operation.

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Step 1 :  Show your water analysis and Project planning

KYsearo and Process Engineers design seawater desalination equipment technological process as per client’s feed Water Analysis, through the detailed Water Analysis, our engineers can design a best solution which appropriate for your water conditions. Additional,a fixed project planning as premises of all steps .

Step 2 :  Tell us all your requirements

Some data we need your provide

1) How much fresh water your want the equipment produce per day.

2) Where does the raw water come from.

3) What your need the clean water to do,drink or others ?

4) Is there some brand of accessories your want to use ?

More information, please contact us.

Step 3 :  We would design the technological process specifically for you

A perfect solution will be designed according to your detail data and Water Analysis by our design team. Once the design is established , we would show you all the detailed information in the quotation scheme, including the operation principle, the main components,the production period,budgetary proposal,and so on. KYsearo takes customer’s demand into consideration in provide the most competitive pricing.

Step 4 :  Manufacturing process

Once the project is established,we would begin purchase some components which customer required specifically,and begin to arrange production.

Step 5 :  Quality Assurance

1) We choose the most reliable advanced quality material and accessories to ensure the equipment reliability, durability, and easy maintenance.

2) We take customer’s demands into consideration in manufacture equipment. after ending the production, the customer could check the equipment in all hands.

Step 6 :  Make delivery

KYsearo will always be available for equipment start up, commissioning, training and after sales support, including consumables, spare parts and service for the operational life of the system to be agreed upon after the first year. If RO operation does not meet th
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