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Ro edi water treatment system for pharmaceutical and chemical is the eighties developed a membrane separation technology, which mainly use the semipermeable membrane permeation principle, to give it a certain way by applying a pressure on the natural infiltration direction against the force of the water in the concentrated solution dilute the solution to penetrate this way is called reverse osmosis. By the components of the device is reverse osmosis reverse osmosis unit.

Two pass reverse osmosis + EDI preparation (purified water process characteristics)

1 Suitable for raw water salinity compared Height regions;
2 product water conductivity is better;
3 one-time investment of less;
4 lower operating costs;

PH value 7.5 – 9
Temperature 15?–35?
Feeding water pressure (DIN) 0.15 – 0.4MPa
Brine water feeding pressure 0.10—0.3MPa
Product water pressure (DOUT) 0.05 – 0.25MPa
Brine water effluent pressure (COUT) 0.02 – 0.2MPa
Feeding water hardness < 1.0ppm (CaCO)
Feeding water organic material TOC < 0.5ppm
Feeding water silicon SiO2 < 0.5ppm
Total feeding water CO2 < 3ppm