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Boiler Feed Water Treatment System

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Boiler feed water treatment system, specifically for steam generation requires high purity water, different depending on regions and scales. The feed water quality requirement varies depending on the manufacturer/generator, as well as the boiler model. Poor water quality or system design results in boiler life span shortening. The design of the water treatment system is a function of the water quality that varies dramatically depending on the water source and region.

The mature process for small to large scale boiler is RO+MB or RO+EDI, we can provide boiler feed water treatment systems for these water use:

  • Marine boiler feed water system
  • Power plant boiler water treatment
  • Paper mill boiler water treatment system
  • Textile mill boiler water treatment system
  • Food industry boiler water supply system

Boiler Feed Water Treatment Process:

The main contaminants to remove are hardness, iron, silica, sodium and chlorides. The basic pretreatment process removes the suspended matter and particles before reverses osmosis and finally deionized in mixed bed or EDI device. RO pre-treatment commonly consists of coagulation, flocculation, clarification, sand filtration, ultrafiltration, etc. Essentially 100% of the suspended particles must be removed in the pre-treatment. RO removes approximately 98% of TDS in raw water.

Mixed bed or EDI is used at the last step to remove the residual ions, producing ultrapure water for feeding boiler. Resistivity of product water is usually over 10M?·cm. the comparison between mixed bed and EDI is listed below.

Principle Advantage Disadvantage
Mixed bed Ion exchange 1. Low input
2. Simpler pretreatment 1. Chemical consuming
3. Stable product water quality 2. Higher labor cost
 4. Less water waste
EDI Ion exchange + electro deionization 1. space saving 1. High input
2. higher water purity 2. High requirement on pretreatment
3. non chemical consumption 3. 10% water waste
4. automatic runningless labor cost 4. Electricity consumption

According to the information customer provided we help design the tailored water purification system for customers, taking consideration of invest, space, product quality, etc.