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  • Is your business searching for a supplier of high quality seawater desalination plant.
  • KYsearo is the leading seawater desalination equipment manufacturer in China, specialized in providing marine desalination plant, land based desalination system, containerized seawater desalination system,brackish water desalination, customized and more.
  • If you work with us , we offer many additional convenient services.
  • KYsearo can prepare everything to your specifications, all to be delivered timely and reliably, you also have professional after service term, and one full year warranty time.
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Seawater Desalination Methord

How reverse osmosis work?

Definition and brief desalination method

  • There are two major types of technologies that are used around the world for desalination, can be broadly classified as either thermal or membrane. Both technologies need energy to operate and produce fresh water.
  • KYsearo design desalination process by use reverse osmosis membrane because of high desalination rate and low cost.
  • Reverse osmosis occurs by the pressurizing the concentrated solution, the seawater, we were able to force water molecules to pass from the salty seawater solution through the membrane to the fresh water. Download APK
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How our seawater desalination systems make your life better ?

  • We can help you save a lot of money every year.for the reason that you don’t need to buy fresh water once your ship pull in to shore any more.
  • We can bring your benefits,because it takes place of fresh water tank on ship with small room,then can help you save large space to transport more things.
  • We can help you save power energy consumption,for the reason that reduce the weight of storage fresh water tank by using seawater desalination systems.

I am REALLY impressed! Responsible and reliable supplier in China! My customers are all satisfied with their equipment.

Mr.Agudelo, Owner of Resources Liquid

Thank you for your professional service, the presentation is excellent,. According to all our specific requirements to design process.

W. Pietka, CEO of Bluewater

Trustworthy manufacturer in China, high quality and good price compared to others,pleasant cooperation with KYsearo.

Mr.Barron, Production manager of Aqua

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