Have you disturbed by the clogged RO membranes ? have you annoyed by the short working life of your desalination systems ? Yes, you are right here ! There are some good tips about how to maintain your desalination plants, and extend the operation life.

Desalination plant perform best if used daily

Daily operation inhibits biological growth and is preferable to running it less frequently but for longer periods.

1. When you don’t need use it on some day,  keep it start-up every day, and running approx 20 minutes.

2. If you don’t need use it for a long time, and there are no person beside it, it mean no people could start-up it every day. the pressure vessels should be full filled with “Production Liquid”, the chemical composition of Production Liquid is sodium bisulfite ( NsHSO3).

Flush the system with chemicals every year

The water flow into reverse osmosis system with little biological and physical contaminants every time, that couldn’t be removed 100% by pre-treatment. For a long working time, the production water quality will decline as the contaminants up to some quantity.

  • For physical contaminants: use hydrochloric acid ( HCl).
  • For biological contaminants: use sodium hydroxide (NaOH)

When your desalination plants is inactive for a week, maybe you need take flushing the system with chemicals into consideration. For more information about how to judge which contaminants your system are. please contact us.

Backwash the multi-media filter once 3 days

The multi-media filter can trap the twigs, seaweed, and other particles from the seawater in the tank. In the meanwhile, the filter contains more and more solid particles during regular use. which will decline the output water flow. According to working principle of multi-media filter, we design the system can backwash once 3 days automatically.

Chang the PP filter elements once two months

Once the security filters loses its rapidly, you should consider to change the PP filter elements. The changing rate is not stable, it depends on the raw water quality. the poorer water quality, the higher rate to change PP filter elements. Usually, once two months, but not except once one month if bad raw water quality.

Normal maintain checking

You can avoid many problems if check your desalination plants during normal operation, and notice  whether all the follow indicates are in the normal operating range or not?

  • Pressure condition: according to the pressure controller at the framework panel, check whether the pressure in normal operating range or not.
  • Production water flow: Once the water produces not as its rapidly, you need consider to check the membrane condition and pressure condition.
  • High pressure pump operating condition: Two tips to check it. Listen the voice from the working pump, you can find that if too loud than normal. Touch the motor of pump to feeling the temperature whether it too hot.
  • Conductivity situation of production water: Observe the conductivity situation of production water at any time, to ensure the salt rejection in normal.
  • Voltage condition: If there are professional power technicians,  check the voltage condition is also important.