Many of you might have been doing business with China, because China has become the biggest world factory for years. There are different brands and models of reverse osmosis in the market today. However, as normal in production, they are not equally made. some are more reliable than others

Have you been driven crazy by the clogged RO membranes or the lifespan shortened desalination devices? Have you been complained by your clients that the RO systems don’t work again, what it worse, it’s still in the warranty time. Here are some tips I listed for you, hoping these can help you in the future.

1. Confirm your Chinese supplier entirely understand your needs

There are some obstacles when Chinese people communicate with English speaking clients, although Chinese people began to study English at a young age. It’s better if you illuminate all your needs and conditions in paper files or pictures. Confirm all your requests are met before you make a deal.

Most of your supplier in China will say “Yes” “Ok”,” we can do it” when you try to describe your needs and ask them if they can make it out. Getting orders become the first issue by the strong competition, especially when you try to cooperate with them at first time.

So what kinds of suppliers can you trust? When you ask a question, some of them will offer the quoted price at first time, but some others would ask some basic requirement and water quality condition. They don’t offer the quoted price immediately. That is the right person you find, please be patient when your supplier asks questions and confirm again and again with you. If you are not the end-user, you need to make sure the real conditions from your clients, and provide it to your desalination plant supplier. No one enjoys the annoying after-sales service.

2. Beware of Low Price

Experienced business men know that the quality of goods is always relative to the price. It also applies with a desalination system. People get over-excited when they come across low prices or unimaginable discounts. Remember, when a manufacturer reduces price; you have to pay for it by either losing the warranty or shortened warranty period. What’s worse, the supplier might choose worse materials or equipment to assemble in the RO system. This could be a clear indication of a substandard RO desalination plant.

3. Select a real manufacturer of seawater desalination systems.

As the development of water treatment techniques, the sea water desalination market has become a large cake, many people want to get one piece. This results in that many manufacturers begin to supply desalination plants, who used to concentrate in purified water production or waste water recycling, and they would use the same water treatment process to desalinate seawater. But actually there is big difference between seawater and tap water treatment. As we all know, seawater has high total dissolved salt with TDS around 35000 mg/L, much more corrosive, thus seawater desalination has a quite different technological process.

For example, the supplier used reverse osmosis membranes which are used to convert fresh water into pure water. There are many manufacturers that can supply this tap water RO membranes to desalinate seawater, so it’s quite cheaper than the seawater dedicated membranes which are designed for seawater desalination, such as DOW SWRO series.

The same situation might happen to other parts, like the pre-treatment system, high pressure pump. Once you get an unimaginable price than other suppliers, you should suspect whether this situation may happen to you.

4. Never forget the Quality Control

The best way to control quality is to visit the factory of your supplier directly. If you couldn’t come to China in time, you can seek help to someone who you trust to inspect the factory for you. And you can ask they take a video of factory for you.

For instance, the third-party certification becomes essential. In China, there are some important certifications at seawater desalination industry, ISO and CCS (China Classification Society certification), if your supplier can provide these certification profiles, and make sure it is real, then you can trust them. At least you can make sure it a real manufacturer with real information.

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