]According to the engineering practice of seawater desalination project, no matter domestic or overseas, they have conducted a lot of research and development about seawater corrosion materials, and found that there are many kinds of materials available. How to combine different process, different conditions, environmental characteristics and the market supply situation, it is the first task for seawater desalination project pipeline design to choose the superior pipeline materials.

What kinds of pipelines for seawater desalination do you think are the best? Of course! The first-class! As the best supplier specializing in manufacturing seawater desalination devices in China, we will match the best pipeline materials you want to buy for your seawater desalination, in order to provide customers with good-quality products and services.

The categories of Our main high-quality pipelines and their advantages in our desalination plants:

1. 2205 duplex stainless steel pipe:

Combine to the most beneficial properties of ferrite and austenite, which has good resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking. Possess excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, long using-life,and good weldability. This kind of pipe has a wide range of USES in oil and gas industry, Marine engineering, chemical industry and other industries.

KYsearo adopts 2205 duplex stainless steel pipe as the major role in the whole pipe system in order to achieve the perfect combination with pipes and plants. 2205 pipe&fittings are usually selected by us in high pressure part, which prevents fittings from sea water corrosion. All in all, 2205 duplex stainless steel pipe plays a major role in our desalination, and it also protects the whole process of water treatment.

2. High pressure hydraulic hose:

High strength, high modulus, high flexibility, avulsion resistance, solvent resistance, oil resistance, resistance to climate, long using-life, aging-resistant, and both performance of the rubber and plastics. Compared to ordinary high pressure pipe, the pressure resistance of our high pressure hydraulic hose can be up to 200kg, rather than around 100kg. This is why our pipe is better than others.

3. 316L stainless steel pipe:

Corrosion resistance, especially good pitting corrosion resistance;High temperature strength is also very good.It still has good chloride erosion resistance, usually used in the Marine environment. 316L is generally installed on fresh water equipment system. As the quality of fresh water is greater than sea water’s, we choose 316L to enough meet clients’ requirement, in this way can customers not only save the cost, bu also utilize resource effectively.

4. UPVC plastic pipe:

Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, rust, scale, water quality protection, enable to prevent water quality of secondary pollution. As a kind of ideal “green building materials”, UPVC has been widely applied by China and even over the world in the 21st century , which is advocating to product environmentally friendly goods today. Our UPVC is food-grade level, which is identified by national quality standards. Experience tells us that pressure bearing capacity depends on the thickness of the UPVC. Generally speaking, common UPVC is around 0.08mm, but our UPVC can reach to 0.10-0.12mm. So the pressure is much larger than normal, in that it is beneficial to withstand voltage, resistance to aging and prolong the life.

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