According to statistics, at present there have been more than 100 countries in the state of water shortage in the world, in which severe water shortages has reached 20, seriously affecting the human existence and social development. The reserve of ocean water is 1338 x 10.7 billion m3 in total, accounting for the world’s 96.8%, this is a great deal of water resources. How to put it into use of fresh water by human beings becomes a urgent problem to solve.

Advantages of KYSEARO desalination plants

1. Parts selection: We select three core technologies of seawater desalination in the world-class top level, including RO membranes, HP pump and Energy recovery device.

2. Process design: KYSEARO provides clients with brilliant and practical solutions, and constantly invests special research to meet the market demand of most advanced products, which are easy-operating, convenient-maintenance, reliable-performance and durable in use, and enable to completely withstand the harshest environment test. System advanced features include full-color touch screen, no oil pump, intelligent software and standard communication package allowing customers to monitor the remote system.

3. Concise and easy-operating user interface: it is proved that the user interface of KYSEARO can normally run under the harshest conditions. Mature electronic control technology is with intuitive and convenient operating, and saves manpower. It can utilize integrated performance-testing software to conduct innovative industrial PLC control, which ensures to conduct online remote monitoring for process meters and system performance and enables to remote notify users of system faults and maintenance request in details. KYSEARO system has one-click automatic switch machine function for easy-operating.

4. Efficient and energy saving: efficient and energy saving, self-maintenance are key characteristics of KYSEARO products. Automatic fresh water flushing prolongs system life and maintains performance integrity. Water lubrication pump almost without maintenance reduces the cost and the time. The largest Pacific series adopt the energy recovery pump saving 40-49%, not only degrade operating cost but also reduce carbon emission. KYSEARO has created the reverse osmosis devices with the lowest energy consumption in the world as the latest contribution .

5. Containerized solutions: KYSEARO containerized system is designed by operating control process, and assembled in advance to ensure the integrity and reliability of operation. Containerized type is especially suitable for the oil and gas, mining, military and disaster relief environment. These turn-key products can provide plug-and-play solution for the bad application environment.

We devote ourselves to become the first-class brand for global seawater desalination and go all out to fully utilize sea water resource, this is our vision and our mission! You are welcomed at any time to work with us if you would like, and we will take our commitment to offer you the best cooperation between us.

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