How brackish water reverse osmosis system be produced

In this video, it shows all the steps of manufacturing these two sets of brackish water reverse osmosis systems, from prepared the raw materials and accessories to completed installation, and then package, lastly delivery. If you still have some problems need to know, please no hesitate to contact us.


The brackish water reverse osmosis system for irrigation was located in Cairo of Egypt, which was an orchard with 1000 acre area. Raw water was Nile river water. Our Egypt client adopted our brackish water RO system to produce fresh water for meeting his orchard irrigation need. The production capacity was totally 480 tonnages per day(20 T/H).

we were only responsible for the reverse osmosis system, excluding pretreatment. Due to the pretreatment was substandard, 6.67 SDI, which will cause membrane fouling too fast. In order to improve the pretreatment system, our technical engineer suggested increasing the filters to reduce the filtration flow from 35 m/h to 8 m/h, the effect was improved. And adding the alums to improve SDI as there was no PAC on site.

Installation On Site

brackish water RO system
brackish water desalination

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