About Us

HK DY INTERNATIONAL GROUP is built to solve all kinds of most complex municipal water, well water,brackish water, sea water to effluent treatment challenges in the most extreme environments across the planet from 2009. It has three wholly-owned subsidiaries,Guangzhou Lvyuan Water Purification Equipment is professional in household & commercial drinking water solutions,Guangzhou KangHu Environmental Protection Equipment is specializing in industrial and waste water treatment,and Guangzhou KangYang Seawater Desalination Equipment(KYsearo)is dedicating to brackish water and seawater desalination treatment.


Manager Team


From 1999,with over 15 years of experience,KYsearo ‘s engineer focus on researching and developing the most suitable seawater desalination plant.  KYsearo become the leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis seawater desalination system in China. A brilliant vision and innovative engineering allow KYsearo to create rewarding products that benefit ships, including distant-water fishery,merchant shipping, scientific investigation vessel, yacht, warship,marine,drilling platform and offshore islands,brackish water areas, is the unique high-tech manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D,production, sales&supporting service as a whole.

Technology Team

KYsearo focus on solving the challenges of fresh water resource shortage wherever in marine,offshore and island or brackish area .Our technological expertise creates sea water desalination plant with compact frame,automatic control,low-power consumption and highly engineered,by the method of reverse osmosis(RO membrane).KYsearo brings a more sustainable and easier life for all of us.

Sales Team


KYsearo provides a wide range of RO units, from 1200L/D to 2000T/D, from manual operation,semi automatic operation to fully automatic operation,from portable system to turnkey containerized system, further to local construction building.

KYsearo is available to assist with your specific customized applications – anywhere in the world.