In Sept 2017 , we had completed and exported our latest project with total 50 tons per day seawater desalination RO system plant for our client in India market . This system is reverse osmosis water system with raw water from seawater ( TDS ? 40000mg / L) to produce drinkable water.

The working principle designed is that raw water (seawater) firstly enters the multi-media filter filled with refined quartz sand, removing rust, sediments, colloidal and other large particles. Filtered water then passes through 5?m security filter and 1?m security filter to remove all particles larger than 1?m. Boosted high pressure water is further desalinated and purified by 1st level and 2nd level RO device , finally producing domestic water and drinkable water .

Highlights for system advantages designed by our KYsearo’s engineer :

  • Integrated design with less space
  • Choosing world-famous components Danfoss HP pump imported from Denmark , membranes using Toray brand from Japan , ABB converter , Automatic control part using Siemens brand
  • Special coating for skip to be highly anti-corrosion
  • System design for brine water cycle can raise recovery rate
  • Semi or Auto operation by turning one key
  • produce stable quality water

If you want know more info,  click  here for the video of the seawater desalination RO system plant!