In the middle of November, upon request of our Australian demand to purify municipal tap water into directly drinkable water, we have successfully fulfilled a 500LPH BWRO System plant to produce pure water and mineralized water in one system. These two kind of product water supply are integrated into one automatic water vending machine in an Australian shopping mall.

The technical process of this purified water system is designed by KYSEARO’s experienced engineers with purifying process of MMF + ACF + SOF + BWRO + Ozone + UV + Mineralizer. After the whole process of purifying, source water of municipal tap water (TDS?500mg/L) will be converted into pure water and mineralized water in the same time issued from two outlets.

Main advantages designed for this system:

  •  2 in 1 Combo Water Maker to produce both purified and mineralized water;
  • Sophisticated technological process and high quality SS304 material ensures the top standard of drinking water;
  • Specialized Ozone generator and UV sterilizer for zero bacteria environment;
  • Selection of world-famous components including DOW membranes, Omron PLC, Schneider electric parts, and Philips UV lamps;
  • Fully automatic control with manual mode available;
  • “Plug-and-Play” easy operation without the need for on-site commissioning;
  • Super compact size and low energy consumption.

PLC control system

UV Sterilizers

Ozone Generator

Salt Box

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