At the end of October 2017, KYSEARO has completed an Ultrapure Water System for Laboratory Application for one of our old clients who is a famous high-tech recycling battery production group with enterprise reputation selected to State Torch Program for High-Tech Enterprise of Chinese Central Government.

This system is designed by KYSEARO technical team based on technological process through MMF + ACF + RO system + EDI, in which the design of (RO) reverse osmosis water system and (EDI) electodeionization is the key point to purify the raw water from municipal tap water to ultrapure output water ( resistivity ?10M?.cm ) for the extremely strict requirement of laboratory application.

During the whole process of construction by client’s frequent modification, plus the extremely high requirement for laboratory application on limited budget , our technical team together with  sales, marketing, engineering, purchasing departments have dedicated so much time to think about the most suitable solution for choosing configuration list such as famous local HP pump, RO membranes as well as the most efficient design to reach the distinguished performance under limited cost for purchasing materials. Also we have sped up the production period by extra overtime working hours to satisfy the urgent need for this project.

Now we had delivered this Ultrapure Water System to our client factory and will soon start commissioning and provide training for the client. Our KYSEARO team is following up this project and will always place our client on top priority with our best effort.

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