LATEST from Moscow: KYSEARO has successfully launched the first SWRO plant to be used in ultra low temperature environment (-70 degrees Celsius in winter time lasting for 9 months each year). It is operated for supplying drinking water and domestic application to more than 400 workers in an oil & gas drilling platform in the north pole area of Russia. See below photos for more details:

KYSEARO’s engineer team takes photos with client after finishing the installation and commission of SWRO project.

seawater desalination in Russia
seawater desalination in Russia


The whole SWRO plant has a total capacity of 51 TPD which is equipped with 3 independent sets of 17 TPD each with central controlled by PLC system. Each one set or two sets can be run independently or all the 3 sets run together, depending the real requirements. The container has been specially processed by insulation layers plus inside heating system. Special hot vapor heat exchanger is integrated to heat up the raw sea water before processing by the RO system.

PLC system of desalination plant
container of desalinatIon system

The key components include world-famous Danfoss HP pump. Sophisticated PLC system to realize automatic control. ABB converter made in Switzerland.

Danfoss pump for desalination plant
ABB converter for desalination system

More real installation photos on site

Note: This SWRO plant has started running well in north pole area of Russia. And as being strategic cooperation partnership, KYSEARO will continue supporting our partner in other oil & gas projects in Uzbekistan, Russia, and Bangladesh.

SWRO plant
Install SWRO plant
swro desalination
container of swro plant

Please contact us, if you want to know more details about this SWRO plant project, thanks.