In June 2017 , we had finished a project with total capacity of 10TPH(240tons per day)BWRO system plant for our client in Saudi Arabia and exported . This system is RO reverse osmosis water system with raw water from municipal tap water ( TDS < 500mg / L) which will produce output water used for bottled water.

According to client’s requirement ,our KYsearo’s engineer , designed the technological process with MMF + ACF + RO system + UV . Firstly, Raw water from municipal tap goes into the refined quartz sand filter to remove rust, sediment, colloidal and other large impurities in the water. Then go through the activated carbon filter to get rid of odor, organic matter, colloid, iron and chlorine; it also have a good effect at reduction of water turbidity and chroma , purification lower pollution for the follow-up system . Then the water, in turn, go through the 5?m security filter and the reverse osmosis system, increase the pressure of HP pump to 1.0-1.6MPa. Under this pressure, fresh water is produced with TDS 10mg.

This system is capable of continuous purified water production by manual operation or automatic operation, with online water quality monitoring instruments. It’s a stable, safe and reliable purified water producing system.

Besides ,we also provide the bottled water machine upon request by our client and exported together to the installation on site in Saudi Arabia . Our KYsearo’s engineer, will attend the installation site to make installation and commissioning for this 10TPH BWRO system plant and bottled water machine .

It is our responsibility to ensure the whole system running successfully and smoothly to reward our client’s trust and support to us as well as long term cooperation in future .

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