100 TPD Containerized Desalination System of Groundwater

Product water capacity: 100 TPD

Raw water: Underground water with the TDS of 6000 ppm

Product water usage: domestic water consumption, such as cooking, bathing and drinking after boiling

Project location: xx Military camps in Juba of Republic of South Sudan


The assembling work in our workshop started in March of 2016, and finished in April. According to the customer requirements, all of components and devices were installed well in one 40 feet container before delivery. Furthermore, the necessary commissioning work have done in our workshop. It belongs to turn-key project, which means the desalination plant can operate immediately after water and power connection and simple operating guidance.

Main technical processes: Raw water tank–Sand filtration– Activated carbon filtration– Reverse osmosis system– Water supply system

Operation Status:

The plant arrived at the site in April of 2016. After a preliminary water source and power connection, the desalination plant started operation. During nearly 3 months operation, we get some feedback from customer: the raw water quality varies and dynamic change in TDS. Owing to our engineers rich experience about brackish water desalination, the designed system can bear the various change of water quality in a degree, which made an deep impression on our customer. And till now, it performs pretty good, and we are glad to hear that our product offered a good solution for the customer requirement.

This containerized desalination system to convert ground well water to fresh water.

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