20 FT Containerized containerized water treatment plants

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containerized reverse osmosis water system
containerized reverse osmosis seawater system

20 FT Containerized Desalination Systems Specifications

Model Membrane model*qty ProductionT/D Desalinization rate/% Weight/kg Operating Pressure/Mpa Power
KYCT20-20.8 4040×8 20.8 98 2800 3.5-6.5 220/50-60 Hz
380/50-60 Hz
KYCT20-26 4040×10 26 98 2860 3.5-6.5
KYCT20-31.2 4040×12 31.2 98 2920 3.5-6.5
KYCT20-41.6 4040×16 41.6 98 3030 3.5-6.5

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How It Works?   

KYsearo containerized series reverse osmosis water system designed for large-scale plants or long-distance delivery.by making pre-designed module-size plants,fully assembled in standard 40ft container.It would bring the follow convenience for customers:

  • Taking the packaging and transportation more conveniences
  • No need leave space or build a new architect for install the system

The container just needs to be shipped out to where the potable water is needed, and after a brief training session, commissioned workers are ready to produce high-quality potable water within days of delivery.

Answer Your Question Here 

why containerization?

Containerized plants have many advantages over built-in plant room installations:

  • Easy transportation
  • Quick installation
  • Useful for harsh external environment
What’s pre-treatment of reverse osmosis units remove ??

The process design of the water treatment plants is always depending on the raw water quality. Reverse osmosis units often required pre-treatment for the following parameters:

  •  Suspended solids
  •  TOC, COD/BOD, hydrocarbons
  •  Iron and manganese
  •  Hardness

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