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RO System-2540 Seawater Desalination Plants

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5TPD desalination plant

We design high-performance sea water desalination plants for all kinds of tons,  In fact it’s our main line of business helping to support other businesses around seawater desalination machine.

From small to large scale desalination equipment, we have been engaged in the development and application of high quality configuration to reduce cost and extend their life.

We definite RO system -2540 of desalination machine that only use 2540 RO membranes. Usually, it is suitable for small tons water production, such as provide for boats or home desalination using.

The fresh water produced flows out of the RO Membrane,it can filter salts up to 99.3%.To protect the RO system from becoming clogged by solid particles that can be suspended in the seawater ,the seawater is filtered before passing through the membranes,This is accomplished by using multimedia filters,which containing a series of layered granular materials,these materials can be anthracite, sand, pebbles and or gravel,which assembled in layers,The filters remove sand twigs,seaweed and other particles from the seawater. Generally,KYsearo use the multimedia filters to pre-treat the sea water,It can be replaced by other types of membranes,know as ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes.

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RO System-2540 Seawater Desalination Plants Specifications

Model Membrane model*qty Production T/D Desalinization rate/% Weight/kg
KYSW-2.4 2540×2 2.4 98 200
KYSW-3.6 2540×3 3.6 98 220
KYSW-4.8 2540×4 4.8 98 240
KYSW-6 2540×5 6 98 270
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