Seawater desalination technology is to remove the inorganic salt in the sea water, and then remove impurities, bacteria and viruses, human body harmful substances and so on. Seawater desalination technology appeared in the very early years of the last century. At present, the technology has been refined internationally. High energy recovery and high product water quality, it is the choice of many enterprises. The following is to introduce the development trend of seawater desalination equipment market:

Seawater desalination technology overview

We have always known that sea water is high salt content, so cannot drink the water directly. With the rapid development of science and technology in China, a lot of water treatment plants have studied seawater desalination units. Seawater desalination equipment is mainly used distillation and reverse osmosis. Distillation are primarily used for large desalination and thermal energy-rich areas. The reverse osmosis method is widely applicable, and the process has high desalination rate, so it is widely used. The quality of desalted water is better than tap water, can be used for industrial, commercial, residents and marine.

Seawater desalination technology trends

Seawater desalination equipment is not only large equipment, includes desalination for marine. According to the use of the area and geographical environment, there will be different models of equipment for everyone to use. Marine Seawater desalination covers a small area, can be used for a long time for ship. Desalination equipment can be a successful development of the national welfare, for our future life and industrial production, environmental protection has brought great benefits. In the global water treatment industry, the seawater desalination equipment has been widely used. According to the average USD 950/m³ of water desalination equipment comprehensive investment cost calculation?sea water desalination equipment investment is still small, the follow-up market space is still large.