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20 FT Containerized Seawater Desalination System

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 Product Description                                                                       

KYsearo is one of the specially authorised partner of TOYOBO in China. We use TOYOBO hollow fiber RO membrane to desalinate water in large systems of above 200TPD.TOYOBO hollow fiber RO membrane is the latest technological reverse osmosis membrane,its fresh water production capacity is 10 times than usual spiral wound membrane,so many seawater desalination successful huge projects are using this kind of membrane in Middle East area, and have kept 7 to 11 years working without replacing membranes. Kysearo takes 2000 TPD seawater desalination system as a group, all larger tons systems are designed upon this group, for example, 10000 TPD would be consisted of 5 groups of 2000 TPD system.

2000TPD seawater desalination system
 The differences between Hollow Fiber and Spiral Wound RO Membrane          

1. More Simple Process Than Before

seawater desalination system process

2. Membrane structure

spiral wound RO membrane
spiral wound RO membrane

3. Water production capacity

Hollow Fiber RO Membrane : Spiral Wound RO Membrane = 10:1

Hollow Fiber RO Membrane is wound efficiently in a cross-wound way without using additional base materials, The cross winding increases the hollow fiber spacing and improves its fouling resistance to achieve minimum pressure loss and uniform water flow, this way provide about 10 times the surface area compared to spiral wound elements.

This greater surface area is a key factor to product water capacity, therefore, hollow fiber RO membrane product about 10 times  water capacity compared to spiral wound RO membrane.

4. How often change the RO membranes

Spiral Wound RO Membrane: 2~3 years

Hollow Fiber RO Membrane : 7~11 years

Here is average life comparison table of some large projects use Hollow Fiber RO Membrane.

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