The operation of power plant in ship demands large amount of fresh water, which mainly used as diesel engine cooling water, boiler feed water and domestic water consumption of crew or travelers. Marine seawater desalination plant guarantees the sustained and steady supply of demanded fresh water on ship.

There are various kinds of small tonnage seawater desalination plant are applied to the ship. The marine seawater desalination plant owns the outstanding advantages of compact structure, light weight, taking small footprint, flexible match with engine, high reliability and short building period. Compared with the distillation seawater desalination device, reverse osmosis desalination plant does not need heat source from the ship, and its operation does not affected by the engine of the ship. There is no phase transition during the fresh water making, which avoid scaling problem of RO membrane. On the other hand, the design of the RO desalination plant can be modularized, which applies to different circumstances on cabin.

Suggestions and research orientation to the marine seawater desalination technology

Limited space on the ship requires the seawater desalination device with small size and light weight. And the most important thing is that the ship requires high quality and stable fresh water yield. The relevant manufacturers and research institutions are contributed themselves to the marine seawater desalination device.

1. Modularization design

According to different types of ship, and different cruising ability, it is necessary to build up a standardized and serialization system. This measure shortens the building period, and it is also convenient for the following device maintenance and preservation.

2. Reasonable technical process

Choosing a reasonable technical process, and optimizing the optimal operation parameters. This measure promotes good performance of the device and steady water yield, which increase the device economic feasibility.

3. Improvement of pretreatment process

To improve the pretreatment process of seawater desalination plant, which makes sure the steady operation of desalination device in the condition of bad water quality in offshore area. Considering the cruising feature and space limitation, the device of pretreatment process should be anti-swing and economical footprint. Another, the process should be designed with reasonable routine maintenance period.

4. Automatic controlling system

With the maturing of control system, the application of intelligent and automatic control system are widely applied into the marine seawater desalination plant. Automatic control technique relieves the labor intensity of crew, which is easy to supervise and convenient for system maintenance. Especially for the effect of different sea area and climatic change, the automatic control system adjusts the working pressure, feed water flow and product water amount, which guarantee the good performance of overall system.

In short, the ship manufacturers tend to choose the reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant, which become a mainstream technique in marine seawater desalination device. It faces unprecedented opportunities and broad prospects.

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