The project is located in Maldives, the feed water is nature seawater, we design main devices MMF+RO system which the production of water is fresh water for drinking and domestic water purpose. The system capacity is 100 m3 per day.

To ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment. The components are brand-name of high-quality, the whole structure of the device is simple, easy operation and long service life.
The seawater desalination plant uses MMF pre-treatment + precision filters + RO reverse osmosis system+ CIP system to treatment seawater. The MMF can be effectively reduce the Large particle impurities of seawater to ensure the safe and stable operation. RO reverse osmosis system consists of high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis device and other parts, with the use of sensor systems for automatic control. We design the Energy recovery system after reverse osmosis,to meet the customer requirements for reducing energy consumption. Finally to get the fresh water. it is in line with environmental requirements.

This system is containerized, easy to move, anti-wind and rain in day and night. It is popular on island and Coast.

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