As the development of desalination technology, and water resource become increasing scarce. We are fortunate that the oceans offer an alternative, can provide a sustainable supply of potable water. Therefore, there are more and more desalination plants suppliers being built in recent year.

That’s the problem, how to choose a reliable supplier ? what must you consider when choosing desalination supplier ?

1. High quality with standard desalination process

In common, almost desalination systems have the same mainly desalination process. They are intake water system, pretreatment system, high pressure reverse osmosis system, after filtration system, energy recovery device (for large scale systems) and control system. However, many of them without cleaning system.

Why desalination plants must have cleaning system? click here to read more.

2. Use parts are professional for sea water other than another water treatment.

As we know, success depends on the details.

High quality seawater desalination systems must use all parts that professional for sea water desalination. Treat this kind of water with high TDS, high causticity, the system should make sure every detail is suitable for sea water. such as high pressure pipes, pressure gauges, connectors etc.

We must condemn some unscrupulous vendors. To get more profit, they supply desalination plants with using low performance and substandard parts. for example, RO membranes for pure water system take place seawater desalination plants.  It lead to unreasonable lower prices than regular factories. Meanwhile, this behavior disrupted the market order. and confusing judgment of real customers.

3. Good appearance of simple operation

The system should be operated simply, and then almost clients can easily understand operating guide. Not all customers are technical engineer, so desalination plants with understandable appearance is very important factor when choosing desalination plant supplier. The less option buttons and more automatic process, the more simple operation.

4. Not the more compact frame, the better system

Many customers take the dimension into consideration, because of limited space to settle the desalination system, maybe in boats. They want the system take as less space as possible.

However, we must remind that not the more compact, the system would better. It not only take inconvenience of radiating, but also take inconvenience of post-maintenance.

5. Third-party certification

Before choosing a desalination plants supplier, customers need look into whether the supplier have some third party certification. For example, ISO 9001.

6. Provide good quality after-sale service

Not only warranty years are essential, actually, a supplier can do perfect technical service what they say, is the most important point. So, customer must consider what it’s like to work with the supplier, and what’s kind of after-sale service they can provide.

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