Project presentation:

The brackish water plants project is located in Mombasa, Kenya. The designed product capacity of this project is 3000 cubic meters per day, underground water as the feed water, and the product water will enter the municipal water supply network of a city.

After a preliminary communication and investment budget estimation about the project, we both parties thought that site survey is a must for the further steps. After the arrangement of KY Searo and negotiation with the project owner, two engineers are sent to the Kenya for a 10-day project site survey.

Project site survey profile:

The site survey starts from April 11th of 2016, and end at April 20th of 2016. And the owner’s preliminary plan is 5000 TPD seawater desalination system.

1 . At the noon of April 11th, 2016

Two engineers arrived at the project site. The site area is about 60 km2 (land acquisition has been done), which is about 3 to 4 km away from the coastline. And there plants flax on the estimate site. The detailed project location will be determined by the water intake point. After the preliminary site survey, our engineers made a proposal presentation at the meeting which organized by the owner.

2. On the morning of April 12th

A technical engineer, who was invited from the third party by the owner, suggested to use underground water as the feed water to build one set of brackish water desalination system. On the other hand, the system product capacity was adjusted from 5000 TPD to 1000 TPD. Our engineers predicted that there would have abundant underground water resource on the project site. The details about underground water resource would be showed after a geological exploration. On the other hand, the sample of seawater and underground water were sent to the authoritative test organization for the water quality analysis.

3. April 12th to 13th

Our engineers designed one set of 1000 TPD seawater desalination system and 1000 TPD brackish water desalination system. On the other hand, the cost analysis (including investment and operation cost) of seawater desalination system and brackish water desalination system with product capacity of 5000 TPD and 12000 TPD were made according to owner requirement.

4. On April 14th

Our engineers made a work presentation to the owner. According to the owners request, our engineers designed one set 1000 TPD seawater desalination system and brackish water desalination system respectively. The solutions includes comprehensive quotations and layout charts.

5. From April 15th to 17th

All the related profiles were ready, and our engineers prepared to make a final presentation to the CEO of owner company.

6. The afternoon of April 18th

The final presentation about 1000 TPD brackish water and seawater desalination system was done at the owner company. But for the product capacity of the project, the CEO of owner company preferred to adjust to 3000 TPD brackish water desalination system.

7. April 19th

Our engineers presented the solution of 3000 TPD brackish water desalination system to owner, and the owner promised to give their decision within two weeks.

8. April 20th 

Flied back to Guangzhou.

In short, the owner spoke highly of our engineers performance on project site survey. And details discussion are proceeding on.

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