Our company was visited by Former General Director Chunfa, Cheng from South China Sea Branch, State Oceanic Administration at Oct, 14th. As one of Executive Committee Meeting Units of Marine Resources Development Branch,China Association of Oceanic Engineering—-Guangzhou Kang Yang Seawater Desalination Equipment Co., Ltd, our company’s General Manager Wu and department heads warmly welcomed General Director Cheng’s Visit, and thus we wanted to thank you for always great support from South China Sea Branch, State Oceanic Administration.

At the welcoming ceremony, General Director Mr.Cheng firstly thanked for our warmly hospitality and regarded all the members in our company. After then, General Manager Mr.Wu conducted special reports, introducing the performance of our company, development plan, human resources and production description of exhibition hall and warehouse in details to make leaders further know more about our company.

When introducing the products, first of all General Manager Mr.Wu introduced  seawater desalination technological process, application and usages of main devices for several kinds of marine small tonnage seawater desalination plants in details, including 2 T/D, 3 T/D and 5T/D, etc. They were pleasant and cheerful. After that, General Manager Wu guided leaders to our warehouse for on site visit to our manufacturing environment and our plants, and in detail introduced the plants being built, involving 20 T/H brackish desalination plant and several kinds of plants to be shipped soon.

After detailed introduction of General Manager Wu, General Director Cheng positively said: “it is very good that you are making great contribution to seawater desalination industry for our state, this is beneficial to our country and our nationals!” And also mentioned that our company will be given more support on the resource from South China Sea Branch, State Oceanic Administration.

This time General Director Cheng’s visit to our company will attach great importance to our company’s development on seawater desalination industry, and we will make unremitting efforts to take advantage of seawater in the future, making the greatest contribution to seawater desalination industry!

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