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At present with the increasing severe shortage of global fresh water, particularly in the low latitude areas, numerous of countries have been building seawater desalination plants that deliver fresh water from the ocean. However in 1980s or 1990s, the scale of seawater desalination plant was not large enough ,which meant that the operation cost still stayed at a high level. After 21st century, the trend indicates that a lot of newly built and larger scale seawater desalination plants have been built or are being built. The larger scale shows the more investment volume, but lower long-term operation cost. Nowadays there are a few water plants having lowered finished water cost below 50 penny.

We have listed some mega-scale seawater desalination projects being built or have been built, including as follows:

1. Australia Perth Seawater Desalination Plant
Commissioning date: 2006
Construction cost: approximately $380 million
Production capacity: 17 percent of the municipal water consumed by the western Australia’s households

2.Desalination Project
Commissioning date: 2016
Construction cost: around 1 billion
Production capacity: 70 million tons a year

3. Israel Sorek Desalination Plant
Commissioning date: 2013
Construction cost: around $500 million
Production capacity: 20 percent of the water consumed by the country’s households

4. India Minjur Desalination Plant
Commissioning date: 2010
Construction cost: around $130 million
Production capacity: 3.5 million tons a year.

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