40 FT Containerized Water Treatment System

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containerized RO water system
containerized water treatment system

Product Description

How It Works

KYsearo containerized water treatment system designed for large-scale plants or long-distance delivery.by making pre-designed module-size plants, fully assembled in standard 20ft container.It would bring the follow convenience for customers:

  • Taking the packaging and transportation more conveniences
  • No need leave space or build a new architect for install the system

The container just needs to be shipped out to where the potable water is needed, and after a brief training session, commissioned workers are ready to produce high-quality potable water within days of delivery.

What methods can be used to desalinate sea water ?

The traditional method is to distill water. In other words, heat the sea water to vaporize it, remove the vapor to a different container and condense the water vapor by cooling it.  Rainfall is an example of the natural distillation process. The next alternative is to freeze the sea water and then thaw the ice thus formed.  Icebergs are examples of natural freeze-thaw process.  Reverse osmosis is a man-made process which can also desalinate sea water. In reverse osmosis,  sea water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that allows only water molecules to pass through, and which retains all other impurities in water, including the ions of salt.

40 FT Containerized Water Treatment Systems Specifications

Model Membrane model*qty ProductionT/D Weight/kg Operating Pressure/Mpa Power
KYCT40-63.6 8040×6 63.6 4900 3.5-6.5

220/50-60 Hz
380/50-60 Hz

KYCT40-84.8 8040×8 84.8 5050 3.5-6.5
KYCT40-106 8040×10 106 5150 3.5-6.5
KYCT40-127.2 8040×12 127.2 5230 3.5-6.5
KYCT40-169.6 8040×16 169.6 5530 3.5-6.5

What’s you should provide us to design process ?

To design a perfect process chart that meet your requirement.you’d better provide the following data to us:

  • Raw water quality report
  • Production water quality requirement
  • You need how much water product by the water treatment units per day
  • What kind of cleaning system you want? automatically or manually?
  • Others

More specific data and requirements you provide to us ,the better we customized design process for you.

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