Introduction about the BWRO project

From 26th of June to 1st of July, the project survey team from Kenya visited our company, which is the pre-investigation work from Kenya company for the upcoming 3000 TPD brackish water desalination plant construction. Through half-year communication and negotiation, the 3000 TPD BWRO project is under the final stage of decision making.

bwro project kenya
bwro project survey

BWRO project survey schedule

The survey team from Kenya arrived at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport at 19:00, 26th of June, 2016. Our KY Searo representatives met them successfully at 18:00, and then we pick them up to the hotel, and help to do the check-in.

10:00 am, 27th of June, Kenya team arrived at KY Searo, and meeting with KY Searo team. Firstly, two parties had a brief discussion about the final solution of 3000 TPD Brackish water desalination system. Then we negotiated about the payment term and payment schedule. Also it is the main issue of this meeting. Another, Kenya team shared their advices and suggestions about the technical process, also expressed their requirements to the overall system production period. During the factory visit, Kenya team asked some issues about our desalination plant production. On 14:00 pm, we arrange the first water desalination plant site visit in Huizhou.

On 28th of June, in order to cooperate with Kenya team to conduct a due diligence processes, we are required to offer some documents or information during the visit, such as consolidated assets appraisal report, disclosure of the current effective major contracts and so on. At the same time, the Kenya team made another site survey of Solar power equipment manufacturer in Foshan.

On 29th of June, the Group CEO of Kenya team arrived at Guangzhou for the project survey. Due to the tight schedule of Group CEO and to responding to Kenya team request, we visit the Huizhou project site again. Through our engineers site introduction and explanation, Kenya team can know about the site operation situation in desalination plant better, which also made an deep impression on Group CEO. After a brief discussion, the site survey finished successfully.

On 30th of June, Kenya team discussed the technical process details with us again, and required our engineers to modify the relevant technical scheme according to the final solution.

On 1st of July, we had a short meeting with Kenya team, the main issue for discussion is conclusion about the project survey, also they showed us the construction schedule and comprehensive plan about this 3000 TPD BWRO system. And at evening, Kenya team flied back to Kenya.

In short, this project survey reception is successful, and Kenya team are satisfied with our work. For the further process, we would negotiate by email.

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