Land-Based Seawater Desalination Equipment

KYsearo focus on solving the challenges of fresh water resource shortage wherever in marine,offshore and island or brackish area .Our technological expertise creates seawater desalination equipment with compact frame,automatic control,low-power consumption and highly engineered,by the method of reverse osmosis(RO membrane). We provide the whole seawater desalination process, including design, installation, commissioning. Relative training work would be done to help customers get hold of all these plant and technology.

Large tonnage systems and small tonnage systems of special specifications and sizes are able to be customized,to the greatest extent to meet the actual needs of customers.Customized systems are given as much attention as our standard systems,all will be built with quality components and materials,incorporating advanced electronics and modern interfaces that allow ease of operation and maintenance.The manufacturing process also includes extensive testing to the system will run flawlessly and adhere to safety standards once in full operation.

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