20 TPD Marine Desalination System in Guangdong

Project name: Shengli 902 Vessel-based SWRO Desalination

Date of Commissioning: 21st-23rd July. 2016

Feed water type: seawater

Production quality: TDS < 700ppm

Product water capacity: 20TPD

Project location: Dianbai , Maoming, Guangdong, CHINA


The project is closely combined with the engineering vessel Shengli 902, supplying fresh water to the entire ship crew for domestic application and engineering purpose. The stable and low-cost supply of water can ensure long-time working on the ship without worrying about water-shortage. After 3 days’ professional work at testing and installing, Engineer Mr. Chen successfully completed the task for running the new-installed SWRO plant to supply drinking water and domestic application to more than 200 people. The product capacity is totally 20 tons per day.

marine desalination plant
marine desalination system

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