The project is located in Vietnam, the feed water is municipal tap water, we design RO + EDI system which the production of water is ultra-pure water for production purpose. The water capacity is 2TPD (24h / d)

To ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment. The components are well-known brands of high-quality, the whole structure of the device is simple, easy operation and long service life

The pure water system uses MMF + ACF + SOF + precision filter + RO reverse osmosis + EDI device + UV treatment to deal with raw water. The softener can be effectively reduce the hardness of raw water to ensure the safe and stable operation. RO reverse osmosis system consists of high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis device and other parts, with the use of sensor systems for automatic control. We design the EDI system after reverse osmosis, to further desalination of the RO product water, so it can meet the requirement of ultra-pure water.

The system is fully automatic operation, as well as automatic backwashing. The reverse osmosis technology is with the advantages of efficient and energy-saving. Firstly use reverse osmosis technology for desalination, and then use EDI technology for secondary desalination which can completely product the pure water and avoid the use of acid and alkali regeneration, it is in line with environmental requirements.